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transfer with guide: Incheon Airport-Seoul

Seoul city tour

This entertaining and informative tour combines walking experience with transportation by our bus/mini-van. You will see:

  • The geographical centre and the highest point of today's Seoul, N-Tower; the tower has become not only a must-see for every visitor of the Korean capital, but also a kind of romantic mecca for couples; perharps, this is the reason why it is more crowded in romantic evenings than in the prosaic light of the day? For groups 1-3 persons N-Tower is replaced with Bugak Sky Way
  • Next, we are going to see a symbiosis of urban landscape archetecture and nature, the Cheonggyecheon stream; there is hardly any piece in this astonishly naturally looking stream, which was not touched or brought by man - the bed of the stream, the banks, the water itself is broght here by pumps...
  • We are going now to the so-called Souvenir Street, Insadong; there you are able to see the vivid street life of Seoul
  • The tour continues to a royal palace, Here our professional guide will introduce to you the palace culture and architecture, the customs of th e royal family, the symbolic meaning of the material attributes of the palace.
  • And of course, the youth fashion and culture district Myeong-dong, a place of pilgrimage for shoppers from all over the globe, shall be a delightful contribution to the programme.


  • Due to traffice jams, there may be minor changes in the programme.
  • The tour finishes at the hotel, where the tour started, unless otherwise specified.


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KTX Сеул-Пусан

скоростной поезд Сеул-Пусан. путешествие со скоростью, порой превышающей 300 км/ч, займет около 3 часов

Busan 20th century tour


Ancient capital of Korea Gyeongju city tour

The city of Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Korean Silla, is famous for its monuments included in the UNESCO world heritage list: magniifcient tombs (mounds) of kings and nobility , the ancient Buddhist monastery, and the artificial grotto of Seokguram.

We will visit Bulguksa Temple ("Temple of the Kingdom of the Buddha"), which once served as the main temple of the ancient kingdom of Shilla;  the Seokguram (artificial grotto, in which a great statue of Buddha Shakyamuni resides; the statue is considered to be the masterpiece of the Gyengju's heyday).

Then we are going to visit Cheomseongdae, one of the world's oldest observatories - built in the 7th century. A walk in the park of the royal tombs follows and thrilling experience of actually visiting one of the graves, the "Tomb of the White Horse" combined with an explanation of the Shilla's burial habits and structure of the society will leave unforgettable impressions.

Finally, we are going to take a short walk along the picturesque pond Anapji – the place of recreation of the Silla kings.

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SeoulHotel Aventree Jongno
Standard DBLbrekafasts, BB1$2,130.00
Standard DBLbrekafasts, BB2$1,130.00
Standard TWNbrekafasts, BB2$1,130.00
Hotel #: 2 of 2
Busanibis Ambassador Busan Haeundae
Standard DBLbrekafasts, BB1$0.00
Standard DBLbrekafasts, BB2$0.00
Standard TWNbrekafasts, BB2$0.00

Child with no separate bed. Max age: 3 years.

* For child with no separate bed, brekafasts are provided if persons sharing with him/her the same room also have breakfasts.

Child, free of charge. Max age: 2 years. No bed is provided; only transfers and meals are provided (if persons sharing the same room also have meals). Entrance fee should be paid by an accompanying person.

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