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Ganghwa-do: dolmens, Koryo kingdom relics, the oldest Buddhist temple in Korea Incheon, Seoul

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duration, hours (appox.): 9.00; can be longer or shotter subject to traffic, time of year etc.

included: entrance fee, transportation, guide

not included: lunch

history culture nature ethnography

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Ganghwa History Museum - Jeondeungsa temple - Dolmens - Forts

A tour through Ganghwa Island, called “a museum under the open sky”, is a lovely tour through rural Korea. It has been a “special” island for Koreans since the Bronze Age. One of the highlights is a UNESCO heritage site, the dolmens of Ganghwa. Along with taking in the beautiful landscape, it is intriguing to see one of these structures that are usually only found in the British Isles and Northern France.

Another highlight of this tour is a visit through one of the forts. They are mostly remnants of the 19th century when foreign powers were continuously forcing Korea to open.

Jeondeungsa temple is said to be the oldest temple on the territory of Korea. There was a battle between French and Korean forces during the so called “Western disturbance of the Byeong-in year”. Among other interesting points of the monastery are the remnants of the fortress built by the sons of the legendary founder of Korea - Tangun, historical archives of the kingdom of Chosun. The temple is situated inside the mentioned fortress, which makes it a very picturesque place to visit.


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обед, корейская кухня (per pax)$16.9512 Dec 201531 Dec 2020
Oktokki Space Center (per pax)$28.2512 Dec 201531 Dec 2020


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